Make Thailand Your Business Home

Shelter is a relocation agency for digital professionals to live and work in Thailand legally. We handle the legal and tax matters for you, so you can focus on what matters most.

Who We Are

Shelter is a relocation and outsourcing agency that makes it easy for digital professionals to live and work in Thailand legally.

We are a community of expats, freelancers, entrepreneurs and investors who look for opportunities to go where we are treated best.

We are licensed to operate in Thailand and pride ourselves in providing remote working solutions that are legally and tax compliant.

What We Do

Shelter specializes in relocating individuals and teams to Thailand and Southeast Asia. We offer an affordable haven to minimize your effective tax rate while remaining fully legal and compliant with local and international laws and regulations.

We provide work permits and business visas, handle the billing of your clients as well as payroll, and ensure that your taxes and social security are paid as legally required.

We also provide health insurance and can help you open a Thai bank account.

Who Is It For?

Shelter is for those currently working as freelancers, employees of overseas companies, or startups and employers. You can save on costs by “offshoring” your operations to tech-friendly Thailand.


As a freelancer, relocate your business with Shelter. We’ll employ you, while you keep working on your existing projects. Invoice clients through Shelter’s easy-to-use billing system and monitor with confidence. Continue to have complete freedom with the clients of your choosing and also take advantage of Shelter’s diverse network of professionals to discover new opportunities.


If you already work for a company, you can easily relocate to Thailand with Shelter. Convincing your current employer to outsource your job directly to you may be one of the smartest moves you ever make. Depending on your home country’s income tax and social welfare requirements, this might be a much better arrangement for both parties. In any case, with the low cost of living in Thailand, you’re bound to come out on top.

Employers and Entrepreneurs

Do you run a startup or company? We specialize in relocating teams, offering you an affordable haven to get your business and ideas off the ground. We can offer shared or independent, scalable office space in great locations to suit your needs.
We can also help you source additional talent when you need it. Save money by relocating some (or all) of your team to Thailand. Depending on the tax laws of your country, you will save on employer contributions, health care, pensions, etc.


If you are looking for a fast, legal, clear path to tax residency in Thailand and don’t want to deal with any hassle, then we are an option for you.