Thai Visa. Work Permit. Healthcare.

Shelter is a relocation agency that helps digital professionals live and work in Thailand legally. We handle the legal and tax matters for you, so you can focus on what matters most.

Our Service

If you work remotely or run a digital business, you can relocate to Thailand easily and do your business through Shelter as the Employer of Record (EOR). We charge a flat monthly fee, which covers everything needed from a legal perspective to establish a reliable tax home in Thailand.

We provide a work permit, business visa, healthcare, handle monthly payroll, and ensure that your taxes and social security are paid as legally required.

No more paperwork, visa runs, or 90 day reports at Immigration – just hassle-free living in Thailand.


  • Are at least 22 years old
  • Have either one of the following:
    • Any type of degree or certificate, plus 5 years of relevant work experience
    • An IT-related university degree, plus 2 years of relevant work experience
  • Work in software development, blockchain, design, marketing, business development, ecommerce, or other online, tech/digital-related activity
  • Have an existing business or client base
  • Can bill a minimum of $1,500 USD per month
  • Can commit to a 1 year contract

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