Are you a digital nomad, remote worker, or entrepreneur looking for an amazing place to live and work? If so, you should definitely consider Thailand.

Thailand is a great country to live in as a digital professional for many reasons: the low cost of living, amazing weather, and friendly Thai people – that’s just to name a few. Thailand’s capital city, Bangkok, was even ranked as the #1 destination in the world for digital workers in a 2022 survey.

Overall, Thailand offers a highly attractive proposition for digital professionals looking for an enjoyable and affordable place to live and work in the long term.

Here are 6 reasons why Thailand is the top country for digital professionals in 2022.

The cost of living is low—especially in 2022.

Thailand is a relatively inexpensive country to call home. Compared to other countries in Southeast Asia, its cost of living is low, and compared to developed countries like the United States, Japan, and Germany, the living cost is a fraction of the price. 

The cost of food, transportation, housing, and entertainment are all quite reasonable, making Thailand an attractive place to live for those on a budget. $1,000 USD per month affords a comfortable lifestyle, while $2,000 USD allows you live a quite lavishly.

In addition, the Thai Baht has remained relatively stable against major currencies like the US dollar and Euro over the past few years, meaning that the purchasing power of foreigners has not diminished but actually increased over the last few years during covid. 

In sum, Thailand is an eminently attractive destination for digital nomads who are looking for a place to live where their money will go further.

The quality of life is high.

What’s more, the quality of life in Thailand is quite high, especially compared to its neighbor countries in SE Asia. The country has good infrastructure and facilities, and a wide range of leisure activities are available, from nightlife to golfing and trekking and, well, you name it. 

In Thailand you can live the life you want, whether that means renting a nice condo in the middle of the action or—as I prefer—a larger house further outside the city. Either way, you’ll be paying between $300 and $700 on rent, which is a fraction of rent prices in western countries.

The climate is also pleasant, with warm weather all year round. It does run quite hot at certain times of year (March to June), but almost everywhere is air-conditioned and overall it isn’t a great inconvenience. In addition the crime rate is low, making Thailand a safe place to live.

Overall, Thailand offers an attractive proposition for those looking for an enjoyable and affordable place to live while working remotely.

There are many opportunities for digital professionals in Thailand.

Thailand is a veritable land of opportunity for digital professionals. The country has a booming economy and a growing middle class, which provides a large market for digital products and services. Digital nomads and remote workers from around the world flock to Thailand to live, work, meep up, and make connections.

Moreover, Thailand is home to a number of world-class universities and research institutes, which produce a steady stream of highly skilled Thai workers. As a result, there is growing demand for digital professionals with the skills and experience to meet the needs of businesses and organizations in Thailand—foreigners as well as Thais.

Whether you’re looking for a job in web design, development, or marketing, you’ll find a range of employment opportunities in Thailand. The country is an emerging powerhouse in the global digital economy, and there is increasing demand for digital talent. 

Alternatively, if you already run a digital business or work remotely for a company or as a freelancer, you can partner with a local employer of record (EOR) to handle the administrative, legal and tax side of things, while you continue working as usual.

Whichever path you choose, you are sure to find plenty of opportunities to succeed in Thailand, especially if you learn to speak Thai well.

Foreigners can benefit from the same social safety net as Thais.

When it comes to your healthcare as a digital professional in Thailand, you want to ensure that if and when problems do arise, you are covered. Otherwise, the high costs of having no insurance can do damage to your personal finances. So what are your healthcare options as a foreigner in Thailand?

Private insurance is great, especially for travel, accidents, and emergencies. But if you plan to live and work in Thailand long term, private insurance adds up and can put an unnecessary strain on your budget. This is a situation where being employed in Thailand, or having an employer of record, can make a critical difference.

By paying tax and social security in Thailand, you become eligible for the same social security benefits as the majority of Thais. You receive a Thailand Social Security card which gives you thorough coverage for illnesses, regular doctor visits, and preventative treatments, among other things.

If you remain in the country 180 days of the year, you can also become a legal resident in Thailand. Depending on your nationality, this could in some cases exempt you from owing income tax in your home country.

Having an employer, you also receive a Non-Immigrant Business Visa and Work Permit enabling you to live and work in Thailand legally.

Thai people are friendly and welcoming.

Thai people are known worldwide for their warm and friendly nature. Visitors to Thailand often remark on the hospitality of the Thai people, who go out of their way to make sure that everyone feels welcome.

The people you interact with every day can make a huge difference on your mood and general cheerfulness. In Thailand, it is customary to be polite in almost all social situations, which contributes to a generally stressful, and more fun loving mode of life. Not encountering rude and selfish people day in and day out, in the long term, makes a big difference in life. Instead—when you go out, you get fun loving, stress-free Thais.

This traditional Thai hospitality is rooted in the country’s Theravada Buddhist culture, which emphasizes the importance of giving and being generous to others. Whether it’s inviting a stranger into their home for a meal or taking the time to chat with a foreigner, Thai people are always quick to extend a warm welcome. 

As a result, visitors to Thailand often feel like they become a part of an extended family through the relationships they form with Thais. And while Thai people may not be able to speak English fluently, they will still go out of their way to try and communicate with you. 

So if you’re looking for a place where you’ll be made to feel at home, Thailand is the perfect destination.

Thailand is heading in an exciting direction.

Thailand is entering a new phase in 2022. There is a growing excitement for a post-pandemic rebound, with Thailand even recently making a bid in the blue ocean cannabis market of Southeast Asia.

On June 9th, 2022, the Thai government made the bold move to virtually legalize marijuana overnight for recreational use. This was a previously unthinkable move in Southeast Asia, but Thailand is betting that the crop will be a cash cow for Thailand tourism and export in the future.

Thailand has given away one million cannabis plants to encourage cultivation (BBC)

This is just one example, and the numbers tell the same story. The consumer confidence index in Thailand has been on the rise since May 2022 when the July 1st border reopening was announced. Since then, there has been a significant rebound in the crucial tourism sector, as well as increased consumption and exports. This is compared to last year’s growth of 1.5%, which was among the slowest in Southeast Asia.

Lately there is also renewed interest online in Thailand as a travel destination, and not only as a hotspot for digital workers and entrepreneurs. In the world of food, Khao Soi – the famous northern Thai noodle curry – was recently ranked the #1 soup in the world, which is sure to attract foodies from around the globe.

This is all to say: Thailand is back, and there has never been a better time make the leap and live the remote work dream in the Land of Smiles.

Is 2022 the year for you?

Thailand is, in our opinion, the ideal destination for digital professionals. The country has a booming economy, a large community for digital nomads and entrepreneurs, and an enjoyable, friendly and welcoming culture. In addition, Thailand offers a wealth of long-term opportunities for those currently working in the digital/tech field. 

So if you’re looking for a place where you can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle while working in the exciting world of digital media, we recommend Thailand as the ideal choice in 2022.

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