20 Reasons Chiang Mai Is the Digital Nomad Capital of the World

Chiang Mai has long been considered a kind of mecca for digital nomads across the world. Well before this status was broadcast to the world by Forbes in 2016, digital professionals and location independent entrepreneurs were flocking to the mountainous northern city of Thailand to settle down and get to work. What is it about Chiang Mai that attracts so many digital professionals?

10 Visa Options for Expats in Thailand

So you’ve decided you want to move to Thailand, but you’re not sure what your visa and work permit options are. There are a great many paths open to you and each is not for everyone. That’s why we put together a comprehensive list of visa options for expats in Thailand, and the pros and […]

How to Get a Thai Business Visa and Work Permit through Shelter

Unfortunately in Thailand, getting a visa and work permit can require you to jump through many bureaucratic hoops and deal with an unreasonable amount of paperwork. There are several long-term visa options available to foreigners, yet a constant complaint seems to be the complicated process involved in becoming a legal, contributing member of Thai society. […]

How You Can Relocate to Thailand With Shelter

You like your work and you’re successful, but still you’re unsatisfied. You know you’re making good money, but after you pay rent and bills, car payment, insurance, and shop for food there isn’t much left over to have fun with. Why wait until you’re old and retired to enjoy life? Why not start living your […]