Thailand’s Top Remote Workspaces with Breathtaking Views

Summary Welcome to Thailand, where vibrant culture meets stunning landscapes, and remote workspaces offer more than just a desk and Wi-Fi connection! If you’re a digital nomad seeking inspiration amidst breathtaking views, you’re in for a treat. In this guide, we’ll unveil Thailand’s top remote workspaces that combine productivity with paradise. Imagine typing away on […]

Exploring Buddhism as a Digital Nomad in Thailand

Summary ​For digital nomads eyeing Thailand as their next destination, delving into Buddhism offers a profound cultural and spiritual experience. With its serene temples, vibrant rituals, and welcoming communities, Thailand provides an ideal backdrop for seekers of inner peace and mindfulness. Engaging with Buddhism encourages a mindful approach to life, aligning well with the digital […]

Tax Considerations for Digital Nomads in Thailand

An image depicting a map of Thailand as well as its flag.

Tax considerations are something which every invidual or business must always be up to date with, whether based locally or working remotely from another corner of the world. While you might think that not having a “home base” frees you from tax obligations, that’s not necessarily the case. Even if you roam the globe as […]

20 Reasons Chiang Mai Is the Digital Nomad Capital of the World

Chiang Mai has long been considered a kind of mecca for digital nomads across the world. Well before this status was broadcast to the world by Forbes in 2016, digital professionals and location independent entrepreneurs were flocking to the mountainous northern city of Thailand to settle down and get to work. What is it about Chiang Mai that attracts so many digital professionals?