The trend of digital nomadism has surged in recent times, with a growing number of individuals (digital nomads) embracing a life unfettered by location.

This shift has amplified the need for coworking spaces that address the unique demands of these nomads—flexible memberships, robust internet connectivity, and a harmonious community of peers.

Thailand has become a hotspot for such wandering professionals, attributing its allure to the affordable living costs and captivating landscapes. With an array of coworking hubs spread across the nation, securing one that aligns with your prerequisites can be quite easy.

To streamline your search, we’ve curated a list spotlighting the premier coworking locations in Thailand catering to digital nomads. 

Whether your preference tilts towards a relaxed ambiance or a formal environment, there’s sure to be a space that’s perfect for you.

Finding the Right Co-Working Environment for Digital Nomads

Digital nomads enjoying a discussion.

​There isn’t a universal solution when it comes to selecting the ideal coworking setting. Everything boils down to your personal requirements and tastes. 

Here are some factors to ponder upon while picking a coworking venue:

1. What type of atmosphere do you prefer?

Some individuals gravitate towards a serene environment that minimizes distractions, aiding concentration. On the other hand, others lean towards a lively space, welcoming interactions and periodic respites. 

There’s no definitive right or wrong; it simply hinges on what resonates best with your work style.

2. What kind of amenities do you need?

Do you need a private office, or will a shared workspace suffice? Do you need access to a printer, scanner, and other office equipment? Make sure the coworking space you choose has the amenities you need to be productive.

3. What is the cost?

The cost spectrum for coworking spaces varies widely, spanning from highly economical to premium. The determinants often include the range of amenities and the space. 

So, it’s prudent to benchmark prices and determine your budgetary comfort zone prior to finalizing your choice.

4. What is the location like?

Do you fancy a spot in the city’s bustling epicenter, or is a tranquil suburban setting more your speed? Is proximity to public transit a priority, or do you value parking availability more? 

Once again, there’s no absolute answer; it’s all about aligning with your personal preferences and needs.

5. What is the community like?

Entering a coworking space means integrating into its community. Some spaces exude a close-knit, familial atmosphere, while others offer a more laid-back vibe. Both have their merits and drawbacks, so reflect on the community ambiance you’d like to immerse in.

Having weighed all these aspects, you’ll be better positioned to decide the co-working conditions that align with your preferences. 

If you’re not sure, consider visiting a few venues to gauge their environment firsthand. This hands-on experience can help determine if the setting resonates with your work ethos.

Now, let’s explore a few coworking locations which may fit your needs and wants as you begin your life as a digital nomad in Thailand.

Punspace (Chiang Mai) 

Punspace, situated in Chiang Mai, Thailand, offers a conducive coworking environment perfect for those seeking inspiration and creativity. 

Beyond being a refreshing retreat from the city’s warmth and humidity, this space caters to diverse working needs with its range of offerings, from private offices and communal desks to meeting rooms.

And, for those moments when you wish to unwind or discuss business matters, there’s a convenient cafe on the premises. 

The Punspace community is characterized by its warm and helpful nature, ensuring that assistance is always at hand. Regular networking and social events facilitate easy mingling, making it almost effortless to connect with others.

If Chiang Mai is your destination and you’re in search of a coworking space, don’t miss out on what Punspace has to offer.

The Hive (Bangkok)

Digital nomads enjoying coworking spaces.

The Hive in Bangkok stands out as a premier destination for digital nomads, easily ranking among the city’s most dynamic coworking venues. 

Its spacious, well-lit design boasts tall ceilings that amplify its openness. Essential amenities, like numerous power outlets and high-speed wifi, ensure productivity, while the diligent and amiable staff keeps the place pristine. 

The community vibe at The Hive fosters networking and collaboration, always inviting conversation and idea exchange. Therefore, it may also be a place where new friendships or partnerships may arise.

Additionally, its strategic location simplifies city navigation. So, for those seeking a vibrant space to work, network, or simply focus, The Hive in Bangkok emerges as an optimal choice for the digital nomad community.

Hub53 (Chiang Mai)

Hub53, nestled in Chiang Mai, Thailand, is another location which serves as a prime destination for digital nomads. 

Offering a blend of rapid internet connectivity, diverse coworking zones, and a thriving community of professionals, it stands out as an ideal live-and-work space.

The opportunity to connect with captivating individuals from diverse corners of the world and collaborate within a dynamic digital nomad community may be invaluable.

The unwavering speed and stability of the internet, a lifeline for online professionals, is a sure highlight. And, with an array of workspaces, one can easily locate an optimal spot catering to individual preferences.

Therefore, for those contemplating a digital nomad base in Chiang Mai, Hub53 deserves strong consideration. Not only does it offer an efficient work environment, but it might also pave the way for forging memorable and long-lasting connections.

KoHub (Koh Lanta)

Or, are you searching for a more idyllic workspace, away from the busy, bustling city? How about one where mesmerizing sunsets and pristine waters are your daily backdrop? 

Then, your dream workspace may be waiting for your right in Koh Lanta!

This captivating Thai island stands out with its serene ambiance and breathtaking beaches. It’s an oasis away from urban chaos, allowing you to immerse yourself in nature’s beauty. Even more, it’s becoming a favored destination for digital nomads all around the world, and for good reasons!

Firstly, Koh Lanta offers visuals like no other, with some of the planet’s most splendid beaches. Imagine setting up your workstation at a café, right by the shore, with the vast ocean spread before you.

Next, the affordability factor is really hard to miss. Whether it’s sumptuous food or cozy accommodation, you get quality without burning a hole in your pocket, especially compared to Western standards.

Lastly, there’s a thriving community of digital wanderers here. As Koh Lanta’s appeal grows, it draws in nomads from across the globe, making it a vibrant hub for networking and collaborations.

So, if you’re considering a shift to Koh Lanta, don’t miss out on KoHub, a coworking sanctuary tailor-made for digital nomads. 

Situated in the charming old town, KoHub boasts all essentials, from lightning-fast WiFi to ergonomic work areas, not forgetting the welcoming nomad community. 

MANA (Bangkok)

Mana has quickly become a favored spot for digital nomads in Bangkok. With its swift Wi-Fi, abundant outlets, and delectable coffee, it offers an ideal workspace at a quite affordable price.

Though rather compact, its interior is thoughtfully laid out, providing ample seating and a pleasant ambiance. Even more, its central location in Bangkok makes it even more accessible and convenient.

At Mana, you’ll be greeted by amiable staff who aim to ensure the space remains tidy and inviting. If you’re on the hunt for a coworking haven in Bangkok, Mana should definitely be on your list!


A digital nomad’s journey is ever-evolving, with countless global destinations beckoning exploration and immersion. And while the allure of captivating landscapes and bustling cities is undeniable, establishing a temporary “home” or “workspace” becomes crucial.

Thailand’s coworking venues perfectly encapsulate this blend.

So, if the idea of being a digital nomad in this vibrant tropical paradise intrigues you, or if you’re already journeying and wish to explore Thailand next, be sure to visit Shelter’s official website for VISA details.

At Shelter, our mission is to facilitate a seamless transition, ensuring all your paperwork is streamlined, letting you purely concentrate on the adventures that lie ahead in this new chapter.

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